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Bartosz Nyczek Legal Adviser’s Office have served their Clients for over fourteen years now (established in 2002). We offer comprehensive legal services for corporate clients and help individual people – especially with civil cases. The owner of the Legal Adviser’s Office – Bartosz Nyczek has wide professional experience, which, prior to the establishment of the Office, included regular work for public administration and corporations. Presently, some of the previous employers and members of corporation organs are the clients of Bartosz Nyczek Legal Adviser’s Office. As the long-lasting professional relationships show, we are diligent, trustworthy and hardworking and the services we offer are highly proficient.

The Office specializes in widely understood Commercial Law. We can assist you with capital transactions, restructuring legal forms of legal entities and other structural changes. Moreover, our Office offers a complete array of services of regular legal assistance to  companies, such as preparation and assessment of contracts, conducting administrative and legal proceedings in courts, legal services for corporation organs (shareholders meetings, meetings of board members and executives etc.), legal advice and consultations. Our Legal Adviser’s Office is also experienced in cases concerning copyright and related laws as well as the Law of Advertising and Media. The Office naturally offers various means of debt vindication accomplished by: actions conducted prior to court proceedings, legal proceedings in courts of law and finally the execution of debts. We can also assist you in negotiating contracts or settlements with your partners, either with your support or independently. An important issue of our professional involvement is examining registration files of  companies and presenting reports upon clients’ requests – including foreign entities planning cooperation with Polish  companies or possibly in cases when they are forced to enter legal proceedings against Polish  companies. Apart from conducting registry documents analyses our Office performs due diligence on companies.

The process of legal assistance to  companies often begins with advice as to which legal form of economic activity to decide on and drafting registration documents, which lead to registering the company in the National Court Register. Then our work is continued as regular cooperation or time-to-time assistance. Cooperation with our clients proceeds as either series of meetings in the Office or outside the Office. We render consultations by telephone or via electronic mail and offer time worked in the seat of the client’s company, which includes negotiations at the client’s company seat, their partners’ or at any other place that had been agreed on.

To reach the optimum results in transactions executed by our clients we consult with tax advisers and various legal fields specialists if necessity arises. Our Office cooperates with notaries public experienced in Commercial Law cases. As we are not complicated in structure we are able to provide you with quality professional service at a reasonable cost. Depending on the case type, to minimize our clients’ expenses, we select the most profitable, for each individual case, type of our remuneration. They include lump-sum payment or hourly rate and possibly extra reward for a successful completion of task. With regular legal assistance to companies we use lump-sum system, hourly rates or a combination of both (e.g. lump-sum system with limited number of hours). When settling remuneration entitlements we welcome our clients’ suggestions.

For more detailed information please contact us by phone or via electronic mail.