We offer various packages of legal services for entrepreneurs, including preparing and reviewing contracts, conducting court and administrative cases, providing services to the bodies of capital companies, legal advice and consultations. The office provides services related to handling of capital transactions, transformations of legal forms of entities and other structural changes. We deal with matters related to copyright and related rights, advertising law and issues related to the protection of personal data. We also help in negotiating contracts or settlements with contractors. We conduct specialized staff training at the client’s request.

Sessions with the client take place in the course of meetings at the Law Firm or outside its headquarters, telephone consultations and consultation via
e-mail or sessions at the client’s headquarters.

Our Law Firm also cooperates with notaries.

The process of providing legal assistance to entrepreneurs often begins with advice on the selection of a form of business activity, preparation of draft of the founding documents and registration at the National Court Register. We offer similar services to companies which development tends to transform into more complex forms.

Depending on the type of the case, in order to minimize the financial burden on the client, the most favorable remuneration methods are selected, including: flat-rate remuneration, according to the time rate and, optionally, additional success fee. When providing permanent legal assistance services for entrepreneurs, mixed forms may also be used, e.g. a flat-rate system with a time limit. When establishing the remuneration policy for the Law Firm, client suggestions are taken into account.

The scope of legal assistance for individuals applies to all matters related to civil law, including inheritance matters.

Despite many years of trial experience and determination to protect our Clients’ legal interests before courts, we see many benefits in amicable negotiations. In the case of the Client’s legal situation and decision, by offering knowledge and experience in negotiations, we lead to work out reasonable compromises to end disputable situations.