The Law Firm’s specialization covers the following areas of law:

  • Private and public economic law, especially corporate law, regarding the use and development of real estate by entrepreneurs;
  • Copyright law, advertising law, other aspects of intangible property rights;
  • Civil law, in the field of property law, obligations and inheritance, and civil proceedings.

Among others, we provide the following legal services:

  • Preparation of draft founding acts, contracts or statutes of companies, foundations, associations, as well as projects of other internal acts;
  • Preparation of applications for the National Court Register and other registers;
  • Legal services for shareholders ‘and shareholders’ meetings, meetings of supervisory boards and management boards;
  • Drafting and giving opinions on contracts;
  • Appearing in court (before common, arbitration and administrative courts), enforcement and administrative proceedings on behalf of the client;
  • Representation in proceedings regarding the update of the annual fees for perpetual usufruct;
  • Preparation of legal opinions;
  • Providing legal advice and ongoing legal consultations;
  • Consulting and negotiating on behalf of the client.